Halloween Day Facts

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Halloween Day Facts !!!!

Are you excited about the upcoming Halloween? Are you wondering what is Halloween and what are the facts about Halloween? The answer for the first question is Halloween is an ancient pagan holiday of the celebration of the Autumn harvest, a time to enjoy the fruits of the earth and the return of daylight after the brief summer sabbatical. It is also a time for parties, parties, parties! The day before Halloween is the last night of the Autumnal Equinox which is the official beginning of Fall in the northern hemisphere. The official day of the holiday is October 31, this is the day that the winter solstice occurs in most of the world. For some reason, October 31 has been considered the birthday of Halloween and this is the day when traditional children dress up and parade down the street in their costumes as well as adults who don t have any kids. But, what really is Halloween all about?

Halloween is not a child s day off

We all know what happens on this day. And though we know it is not a child s day off we like to take advantage of the lack of adult supervision by going out as a group and pretending to be someone we re not. But for some reason it is fun to pretend that you are something you re not and who doesn t like a good story? There are some other Halloween facts and a little truth to what we like to call the day of celebration of witches, ghosts, and ghouls. For example, the story goes that witches would burn their dead on All Hallows Eve in order to release them from evil, but the idea is that the burning is purely symbolic in the sense that you re really dead and your life is over. Halloween is about the freedom to be who you are and the stories of your life.


Halloween is more than just a day off

It is more than a holiday because it has deep roots in cultures all over the world. It has a tradition and is a part of modern culture all over the world. For example, in the Greek Isles it is called the Day of the Dead. They celebrate it with Greek food and culture and it is all about the dead family members returning for a visit.

All the different foods you can eat

And for some reason there are different foods. It is a day when you are supposed to eat a large variety of foods. You can eat apples, candy, oranges, or chocolate as well as potatoes. It is a time when you re supposed to eat things that you re either not supposed to eat or that you rarely eat. This way you get an idea of what people eat, when they eat it and why. What is the point of eating strange and exotic things that you don t normally eat? The point of eating strange and exotic things is just that. You are getting a glimpse into their lives as well as eating foods that you haven t had in years. The foods are symbolic as well. Apples symbolize life. Potatoes symbolize longevity and death. Cakes represent good and evil. Candy symbolizes sweet and sugary things. Chocolate represents wealth and power. The food is symbolic in the sense that it gives you a glimpse into what is going on. It gives you insight into their thoughts and lifestyle. It gives you clues about who they are. Why are you eating weird things? You don t know why but it is interesting, different and you are getting a look into what you re getting into. If you can make a cake or some kind of sweet treat then the person you re supposed to be is happy, wealthy and powerful. You don t know what it all means, but there is something very special and wonderful about going out into a store and seeing all of the different foods.

Halloween night is the night of the witches

Halloween night is the night of the witches and ghosts. The night is set up to allow people to step back and get a glimpse of the supernatural. To see the scary things that are a part of the mythos. For example, what happens when you go to bed at night and start dreaming. Suddenly, the dream starts to become real and you start to run. Suddenly the door slams and a monster is chasing you. That monster is a representation of what is actually going on in the dreams of most people.

Halloween is not just a day of fun

Everyone has a story and has a reason for participating. People love to tell scary stories, they love to see others frightened and scared. There is an element of fun that is involved. People like to see the effects of scary stories and it is the same thing in people s minds. They like to see the effect of other people s minds as well as what is going on around them. It is the same thing as when you get scared as a kid or feel a little fear when a scary movie comes on. You see the effects on the screen in your mind, but you know that it is not really happening. However, when you get scared as a kid you know that it is real. The kids are telling a story to other kids and that is what they like to do. It is the same thing as people on Halloween. It is an element of fun and entertainment that everyone enjoys and takes advantage of