Three Activities to Do on a Spooky Gloomy Halloween Day

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Three Activities to Do on a Spooky Gloomy Halloween Day


Halloween and me, we are not cordial. I don’t actually get great energy from this occasion. Violent and unnerving … simply frightens me. Yet, that is completely fine. I don’t need to like each and every occasion. Be that as it may, I have understudies and showing a language isn’t just about words, it’s likewise about the way of life and customs of the country you are attempting to educate. Halloween is significant in Old English Saxon nations so this year I have tried attempting to focus on it. I’ll try and go to a little Halloween party, where I’ll be wearing a blade through-head prop and some Halloween skeleton leggings. Coordinating the party? How about we start little! This year, the party will be facilitated by my excited associate Marta Dominguez, who has additionally given me a portion of the exercises you’ll see underneath.


Activity 1.  Video Activity. The Ten Steps (2004)


This activity aims at


learning vocabulary: adjectives to describe houses

improving their listening skills

This is a great short film (less than 9 minutes and worth every second) that sets the right atmosphere. Draw the curtains and turn off the lights.


I would like to just for one day forget I’m an English teacher and just play the film, but I can’t.  So, we are going to work a bit on vocabulary before the film starts and we are going to focus on some questions to answer in pairs after watching the film.


Before playing the video, show them the picture below or alternatively pause the video. Do the vocabulary exercise with them ( handout)

Activity 2. Writing and Story-Telling


This activity aims at : 


  • developing creative writing
  • using their stories to develop oral fluency


Remember the lights should be off and the curtains drawn. Lighting a candle might be a good idea for two reasons: it helps create a mysterious atmosphere and prevents students from reading their essays.


The New York Times has a site where, every day, they publish a picture prompt to inspire students’ writing. Days prior to the great Halloween Day, I showed my students this picture and asked them to write a scary story about this house. They should bring their stories on the day of the party.


The idea is to put students in groups of four and tell (not read) their stories. Each group will decide on the best and the whole class will listen to the best stories from each group and then vote on the best one.


It’s also a good idea if you share a story of your own and yes, in case you’re wondering, I’ll still need to correct their stories.


Activity 3. A touch of fun with Kahoot


This movement focuses on:


  • showing customs
  • creating computerized capacities
  • having a good time 🙂


I would simply not feel fine if, after all the creepy narrating, my understudies returned home and couldn’t rest that evening, so a Kahoot is all together.


Once more, I have not made it. My associate Marta has recently picked one from the colossal bank of Halloween tests Kahoot has and we have adjusted it to our requirements.


Blissful Halloween! How about we partake in the occasion break!